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Sea Scouts Ship 210

High Adventure In, On, Around, and Under the Water

About Sea Scouts


HIGH ADVENTURE…In, On, Around, and Under the Water…Since 1912.

The Sea Scouts are the least known Program of the Boy Scouts of America, but are the second oldest Program, after the Scouts, BSA Program. Cub Scouts, BSA is for Elementary School kids, Scouts, BSA is for Middle and Junior High School kids, and Sea Scouts, BSA is a program for boys and girls and is for High School and College age youth (Ages 14-21).

The program is designed to teach leadership and responsibility through a boating program. These activities can be on the sea, rivers or lakes. Sea Scouts can provide a chance to sail, cruise on boats, learn navigation, learn how to work on engines and compete in regattas. 

The Sea Scouts have their own advancement program. The Quartermaster Rank is the highest Rank in Sea Scouting, and is the equivalent rank to the Eagle Scout rank, except that is harder to achieve because more is expected and required of the older Scouts. Only about one in 180 Sea Scouts achieves the Quartermaster Rank while about one in 20 Scouts earn their Eagle Scout Rank.

There are many routes you can take in Sea Scouts. You can become a leader, taking charge of a crew for several days underway. You can work up the ranks and do behind the scenes administrative duties. You can become proficient in one specific thing (sail handling, for instance). All of this and more can happen.

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